Sunday, September 11, 2005

National Football List

The NFL season officially started this week. Football and soccer are the two sports that will keep my attention. I'm not a sports fan or anything, but there are aspects of professional football that I enjoy, and they have very little to do with the game.
Without further ado, I give you my list--
What I Like About Football

1. Really fat guys in tight pants
This reason alone makes the defensive line captivating. I scan the TV screen for the biggest butt and the funniest waddle. It makes it even sweeter when he's got a name like Gilbert.
2. All the names:
Tiki, Cadillac, Jeremetirus, Cheke (OKeafor), Smoot, Monsanto, Ebenezer...feel free to add more.
3. "Problem" players.
I like the guys that are annoying to other people, they're more dramatic. Warren Sapp is one of my favorite players, I don't even know what position he plays or if he's any good, I just know he's big and obnoxious. And Terrel Owens, again, I think he's good player, not really sure, but I know he talks alot about how great he is and got in trouble for pulling a sharpie out of his sock and signing a ball during a game.
4. Touchdown dances.
Am I not watching the game for entertainment? Entertain me! Why is it wrong?
5. The disgustingly rich team owner in his luxury box.
This makes the bottom of the list because I'm a little ashmed of it. But I love to see who the cufflinked Trump wanna-be's have with them in the suite. It's usually a trophy wife and a few spoiled daughters dripping in jewels and taut with plastic surgery. Posted by Picasa


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