Friday, September 09, 2005

for anyone who is concerned..., no baby yet. We went to la doctora this morning and the sonogram guy said she's right about 9 lbs and has a big head. Aaaaaa!!! Needless to say I'd like her to come out before she grows to the size of a toddler.
They had me hang out for an hour, hooked me up to a graphing calculator, and checked all the stats. All stats are good and I'm having eencie contractions. Which means absoulutely nothing other than nothing is bad.
If nothing happens by Monday (oh please may it not be that long), we have to take "measures." I'm not too crazy about that, but it's better than a C-section I guess. :/


Pkillur said...

Yikes. Hopefully you don't have to go the whole pitocin (sp?) route. EK had to do that and it was not super fun.

Allison said...

I know you don't need to be reminded that we're all hanging in with you and pulling for you. Just know you and (big-head) baby girl Thayer are in my thoughts and prayers!!!