Monday, May 07, 2007

Baby Tuesday

I keep forgetting to report that we have a problem with Baby R's name. Whenever people ask "what's the little nipper's name?" they think my reply is "Branson" like as in Missouri.
No, not his name.
Just like my name isn't Charleston (yes, people often think that's what I said).

Cutest photo of him to date! Feel free to make it your desktop background, people!
Sweater vest courtesy of Auntie Dianne, Ralph Lauren shirt by Auntie Sandi and his tacky mama bought the corduroy pants at Goodwill at 50% off.

Lately I look at Baby C and think "you look like a kindergardener."
My apologies that this is the only pic of her this week. As you can see, she's quick!

Does he look 2 months old here? No, he's like a super baby from Brazil.

Enjoying a John Cougar Mellencamp moment, with his 7o's muscle cars carseat, his plaid shirt and overalls on our front porch. I think I hear a harmonica...

Man I love these shorts! Thanks Dianne!

"I'm ready for my job interview. "

"I'm excellent at delegating responsibilities like diapering and pacifier maintenance."

Kevin said not to put this one in, but I think it's cute.

Total old man pics.

He has no concept of Mojito yet, but if he did this look would say "why do you bark at the mailman everyday and wake me up?!"

"I'll never talk, coppas'. I'm no stoolie"

(Not to be confused with no snitchin')


Leigh said...

I love the fuzzy dice!

Laura said...

"hi, i'm charleston. this is my son branson." what kind of nut jobs do they think you guys are? lol

cutest pic to date is so freaking CUTE.

ro said...

I love all of his wardrobe affects as well as his faces. He is super cute, and i'm going to put that picture as my screen saver at work. As for baby C, I can't decide if she is going to take after her super aunt roro or her super charlie mom...

gwynnhammy said...

I love all the beautiful pics of my pumpkins! Ransom is a chubber alright! And Cricket is a cutie-pie! No wonder Aunt Sandi is in love with them. I can't wait to get my hands on them. I'm coming as soon as I can! Granny GiGi