Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mommy S.A.T. studyguide

I remember before I had babies, I would interact with toddlers that would gibber something and the moms would interpret it into English for me. And I thought "how did she get that from that?"

And now I have my own little "nell" and it's like breaking a Navajo code trying to understand her sometimes.

This is a sample of Baby C's dictionary:
(I have organized to emphazise minute similarities in sound)

ahaugh- n. apple, apple juice, pear

awh!- n. Olive the cat
(She always yells it, because most of the time that I say the cat's name, I'm yelling it)

bah- n. blanket, bottle

buwh- n. Big Bird, "Can I watch Sesame Street?", any bird

beaw- n. bear, or Baby Bear

beh- adj. big, n. goose

bey- ?, *undertermined*
(she says this occasionally and no one can figure out it's meaning)

dada- pr n. daddy

daw- n. dog

dawdaw- n. pl. The dogs, Franklin and Mojito

momo- pr n. Mojito

frefre- pr n. Franklin

sawbees- n. pl. strawberries

sawee- adj. sorry

taigh- v. to tie, or adj. tight
(this homonym is maddening like who's on first)

jayjay- n. Ernie, Bert, Grover, or Cookie Monster
(where this term came from, I have no idea)

jews- n. juice

jeez- n. cheese
(many times she will say jeez when she really just means food, hence, she eats alot of cheese)

fooh- n. food

frooh- n. fruit

faoh- v. to fall

muh- n. milk

moh- n. more

pawpaw- n. Grandpa, pinecone, penguin


Samantha said...

That posting was HILLARIOUS. I'm going to have to bring some pahpahs over for her to increase the buwh love, but I'll make sure she says beez first.


pkillur said...

HAHAH, jayjay for sesame street.

That's awesome.

Our latest for Baby-M is that he'll chuck something at little-j and if he hits him he'll laugh and say "hur, hur!".


ro said...

That is so funny. I kept laughing and shaking my head. I like the pawpaw one for all of its meanings, and that she eats a lot of jeez.