Saturday, May 19, 2007

I love the Faire!!

We just got back from the Maker Faire and it was FUN!

I could have spent thousands of dollars on all the fun Bazaar Bizarre crafts, but instead I took business cards and have decided to try and make alot by myself. After all, what's an art degree good for, if not plush carrots and silkscreened underwear?
Once again I didn't buy anything from Jenna because Kevin cut off my funds after I blew 25 bucks in about 10 minutes.

Speaking of silkscreening, they had free silkscreening, as long as you brought the article of clothing. I just happen to have a long sleeve (unisex) baby tee in the diaper bag, so now Baby R will have a cool "Save the Bees" shirt when he's 12mo's old. :D

Kevin talked to the Stirling engine guy (who looked like Morgan Freeman), while we (the babies and I) cruised around and bought stickers and ate cheese sticks and watched weird guys fight with swords.
The only downer was that I bought a board book for Baby C and then she tossed it out of the stroller at some point during the day and we never found it. Oh well, it was only 5 bucks.

We also saw Grant Imahara from Mythbusters there at one of the booths! I wanted to say hi and get his autograph, but Kevin and Devon agreed that that was a nerdy thing to do, so I didn't. ;)

I loved seeing all the cool crafty families there with their kiddies like us. Ours were very well behaved and had fun too (snacks, flowers and stickers go a long way with a toddler).