Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Blooper pics from the Mother's Day card photo shoot.

Baby R at super fun-park-day, with Thayer clan.
(Don't tell him he's wearing a girl's sweater.)

Baby C on the Wildcat Railroad. They let us bring the dogs on board, how great is that? (Dogs, not pictured, were not as happy as C to be riding.)

Also on super-fun-park-day, BabyC's 1st carousel ride. When it ended, she had a mini-meltdown.

Daddy teaching her to throw rocks. (gre-at)

Jousting? Beekeeping? She's ready.

While Baby C was supposed to be playing with Baby E and V, she instead chose to play on their enormous leopard print bear.

Who knew that other babies love to climb into boxes?

Failed attempt at taking a photo of both of them.

I see London I see France, I see sewn-into-skirt-underpants!


Samantha said...

I LOVE the failed attempt...might be my favorite picture of Baby C to date!

ro said...

Great out-takes. I'm jealous of your park day and all the fun. I wish we could have been there. I LOVE the pics of my neice and nephew. Thank you for posting a lot. Scout sends hugs and so do i.