Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Tuesday

All of the photos this week are jumbo size (when you click them) because I wasn't able to shrink them in Photoshop.
Because my "scratch disks are full."
Anyody know what a scratch disk is?
Yeah, me neither.
When I asked Kevin he made a face like I was making the term up.

Sears portrait studio, eat your heart out.

Unlike Baby C did at this age, Baby R gets really excited to see me when I come around.
Terribly charming.

"Here, let's entertain you-- I'll tie this ribbon up here and stick a few toys on it, and them I'll velcro a rattle to your left hand and slip another rattle over your left hand! There! Happy?"
Oh and note his unbuttoned pants, he just doesn't know when to say when. Milk binger.

And he's out, ladies and gentlemen.

It looks like she just finished a competitive jazz dance routine, doesn't it?

"Daddy, get out of my way, I need room to frolic!"

Sandbox shmandbox. Little minibark and a cup, that'll do.


Christy said...

"Scratch Disk Full" always happened to me in my classroom with Photoshop. I think it has to do with something on the hard drive. Maybe not enough space? But I always just called the tech guy in and he fixed it.

ro said...

lol...that's awesome that christy knew what you were talking about. i sure didn't. I thought you were burning the photos to some old scratched up cd-rw! haha. Thank goodness for blogs because i love seeing my super niece and nephew!