Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This would be my compromise

My sister Aurora loves camping.
I'm not too crazy about it.

I mean, I like cabins and things with doors. But tents, no thanks. I'm convinced that if I can't lock killers out, they will come and kill me.

RV's are fine with me if you just happen to have one lying around.
But I think this is more "cost effective" for people like me, the hesiitant camper.

How cute, right? And it has a door!

So Aurora, they rent them here. Yosemite + HardTent = fun for both sisters
Okay, $100 a night is kinda absurd, but we could split it?


pkillur said...

They're pretty cool inside too. We almost rented one a few months ago but then the trip fell apart.

Jenna said...

Oh finally! Someone who can relate to my fear of death-by-psycho. Thats pretty much why we got the Airstream, So I could sleep while we camped instead of staying up all night shaking with fear.
How about a vintage teardrop trailer? You can get one for a thousand bucks. And then you can join the vintage trailer cult.

Jenna said...

...and I totally got one of those plush carrots for Evie. My god they were CUTE!

We can talk discount some more on dresses too... I just quoted you that figure around the girls in my collective (my neighbors there) because they always make fun of me for giving stuff away too easily. I didn't want to be mocked all weekend :)

ro said...

That is a super tight trailer! Rental is a possibility, very possible. I'm not ruling out being the owner of an rv/trailer/pop up though. I'm glad you are taking baby steps toward the great outdoors adventure possibilities. I was telling Scott that with a trailer, we could even camp at disneyworld, why not?