Sunday, May 27, 2007

beauty is pain

Ok fair warning everyone: I'm getting the piercing/tattoo bug again.
I'm really really happy with the one tattoo I have. It was worth the pain and worth the fight with the artist who didn't want to do it for me.
I've never regreted it and I said I wouldn't get another one.
But lately I've been brainstorming about getting another one.
I'm incredibly picky so I haven't come up with one I think I'll be eternally happy with yet.
Should I put it on a place on my body that I don't like, so that it'll be "decorated" and then I'll like it more?

I want people to see it, but do I want everyone to see it all the time?
No, I'm pretty sure no. Like as much as I think arm tattoos on women are cool, I know that there will be many occasions in which I don't want to look like a badass, so I won't be getting anything like that. If they made them only last a few years, I would go for the arm.

I'd like to get something that reflects my faith, but I'm not happy with any Christian symbols, and I don't want text either.
I like my pink star that I have, I almost want to get another pink star somewhere else, but that's dumb.
I don't want any black in the design. I want it to make sense on the symmetry and compostion of my body...yeah the jury's still out. I'm up for suggestions, as always.

So until I figure it out, I think I'm gonna pierce my nose.
But yeah seriously I am. :)
Not a big ol' honkin' ring. Just a tiny stud like Sandi or a pleasant Indian woman you might meet while eating Chaat.
I've always wanted one, but hated my nose. Now I've come to terms with my nose and I might as well spice it up.

Kevin thinks I'm crazy, but he also disdains things like belts and hair products. He's a minimalist. I don't expect him to understand.


Randy said...

Check out sacred ink for some ideas. The site is the idea of the student pastor here at Santa Cruz Bible church.

ro said...

do the arm tatoo.
do the nose piering.
don't stop 'till you get enough.

ro said...