Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Tuesday

I know I'm gonna get boo'd for only having two photos this week. Sorry people.

Poor little pork chop is still using his sister's flowery crib bumper. Hopefully next week I'll finish sewing his "bow wow chow mein" bumper. At least it's a real crib and it doesn't fall apart.
He's got one tooth and one to go, until then, nary a full night's sleep.

I'm impressed that she can walk in my 3 inch heels, even while wearing kitten-feet jammies, and carrying her blankie.
Is it me, or does she have ice skater hair?

If you look closely, you can spot a wild bean dog in the background wearing his no-pee-miniskirt.


ro said...

your kids and dogs are so well rounded and adjusted. i can't wait to visit...1 more day!

Anonymous said...

Cricket & Ransom look adorable as always! You guys will have lots of fun when Ro & Scout get there. Can you say Crazy-World? Mom