Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Tuesday

I feel a little guilty that Baby R isn't represented at all in this week's edition of B.T. Especially since he started crawling this past week.
It's really more like slithering than crawling.
But, I can set him down in one location on the carpet, go make a bottle for him, come back and he has moved himself to another area of the room.

Alas, I didn't realize all we had were cow pictures for this week until just now.
He was present for the cow exhibition but Grandma T was walking around with him trying to soothe him whie we ooed and awed at Cloe the Clover Cow. He didn't think much of the cows(s) thus he wasn't photographed.

Can you tell I tried to dress her farm-chic?
They set up the cows right in front of our local Whole Foods.
She got up really close to the big brown one until it turned and looked straight at her and snuffled. After that she kept a safe viewing distance.
She was really really excited about meeting them and since then from time to time she'll ask about the cows.

"Papa" T. took this video at the cow-a-rama/bunga. I'm in this flick too.

Look I quilted!
Not really. I think for one to "quilt" you have to do stuff without a machine and do what I believe is called "measuring." I made this for some friends of ours that are expecting a boy in about a month. They're dog lovers, and mom-to-be is half-Chinese so I thought they would appreciate the "Bow Wow Chow Mein" fabric that was left over after I made Baby R's crib bumper. If you can't tell, it depicts dogs eating Chinese food :) and then on the reverse side it's chocolate brown velveteen.


Devon said...

I LOVE baby cows!!! They are like giant puppies!

Nice quilt too :o)

ro said...

I can't believe Whole Foods dropped a mini-farm into the parking lot. Crazy California! Maybe that's why I love it? BugABoo still is looking like you more and more, and speaking of looking like you...that video of you has you looking skinny and sassy. Man, I'm finally jealous of your age! I'm an idiot to have babies in my 30's. But, this post is not about me....great pics and video. AND, your bow-wow chinese bit was funny. Well done.