Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby Tuesday

UPDATE: I saw freckles on Baby C's cheeks this morning! Woo! Just like me.

Baby C and I walked in the AIDS walk on Sunday, she was such a good sport.

Hey! Look at all those cool shirts! Those are my shirts! Yippee!
I tried to be more enthusiastic about raising money to help those living with AIDS in silicon valley, but honestly, the sea of my blue shirts made my day.

These pumpkin ones are the pics that didn't make it on last week's B.T. due to technical difficulties. They chronicle the carving of Baby C's first jack-o-lantern. I plan to make a little children's book out of them, just for her...unless someone wants a copy?

Here's me making a chicken face, trying to show that we're modeling the pumpkin after Ernie, the most famous pumpkin-colored muppet.

Rewind to the pumpkin patch. Baby R was making goomba faces. Fugitaboutit deez punkins 'ere.

I sprinkled fairy dust on them before I snapped this shot.

There he is, the finished product. I didn't spray him with bleach to preserve it, like I was supposed to, so Ernie is already in the green-waste bin. However! See below!...

I painted her an Abby Kababby pumpkin, and I don't think she misses Ernie one bit.

This comic makes more sense if you've read this one first.

He's got toofies!
I was filling in blanks in his baby book and it called for a photo and report of his first tooth. So we had to take this one for his file.


ro said...

Fantasticly fun pictures.
#1)the 2nd picture of C (where she's holding out the pumpkin) very much resembles your pics of when you were her age. I really see it in that picture.
#2)i love r in the camping trailer shirt, and i love him in his cable knit sweater.
#3)I like that Kevin is smiling so enthusiastically after the fairy dust.
#4)Again, you are super talented. Your Ernie (may God rest his organiz soul) is awesome and your Abby pumpkin is stupendous.

sister celtic said...

I'd like a pumpkin book hey as far as diaper rash air them out and cornstarch thats all the ol school that I know that worked for my guys. Love your abby pumpkin lots of talent there. Kids are adorable... Hey I loved the consumerism youtube but can't for the life of me get it for my blog.. You did good with that one your Grandma Guynes could of done that in her sleep very talented lady!

Anonymous said...

Charlie, you obviously got your talent from the Guynes and I always thought you were the Suddarth and Ro was the Blaylock but I see so much "Blaylock" in you now!! Can I still say that you just get more beautiful as you get older and with the most gorgeous children! They're both just too cute -- okay, okay, Kevin had a liitle to do with it too! But I'm just so impressed with all you do, your wonderful kids AND the awesome pumpkins!!

Aunt D

Gibbytron said...