Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baby Tuesday now 20% more Baby R!

What is she like 5 years old?

She was ecstatic about her garage sale log cabin Mommy scored for her. You wouldn't know it because as soon as I bring out the camera, she tries to ignore me. At least Auntie Sandi is paying attention.

Cousin S is sharing in the fun for four days. Baby C will be so very sad when she leaves. She loves her Cousin S.
We hadn't even blown up the air mattress but they could sense the impending excitement.

I carried him with me to the donut shop earlier that mornign dressed like this, a teddy bear. And four separate men there said "osito, mira, osito."
And I said "Si! Mi osito!"
Then I accidentally left the box of donuts on top of the car, which then slid off at about 35MPH.
It was early enough in the morning to rescue them from the middle of the road, without the threat of heavy traffic. "Osito" waited in the car.

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ro said...

great R stuff. I love that little R. And, man, that video of the girls jumping and "dancing" is awesome! Great filming! Scout's got hops like her folks. I love that Cousin C showed her the ropes on the jumping up and down and the jumping off the couch...all importannt toddler skills. We miss you guys already