Tuesday, October 16, 2007

only 11 hours to go

Both of my babies have terrible diaper rashes and it's making me a wreck.
After going to the pediatrician 3 times for Baby C's weird rash over the past 2 years, which they have labeled eczema, I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist.
Baby R is crying right now because his butt hurts.
It's so sad.
Baby C is sleeping soundly but everytime I change her she screams like I'm branding her with a hot iron.

We only have to make it 11 more hours and then I have a fairy tale hope that he will hand me a magic potion to make it all go away.

Kevin's on call too--- which sucks!

Needless to say the kitchen is a mess and I did not cook dinner tonight, and my hair is dirty and I have mascara under my eyes.


Sam said...

Ugh, that's rough...poor baby butts. At least they look adorable for Baby Tuesday and I still love you.


Laura said...

have you tried triple paste, or boudreau's butt paste? i have heard that these work reaaaaaally well. also, naked time so that the butt can "breathe" and dry out.

M.K.A.W. said...

Boudreaus's does work great, but if you use it too much it dries out the skin to the point of peeling. That isn't pretty either. I used Lanolin to fix the peeling issue.
If it is eczema you don't want to dry it out more though! We use Aquaphor for that. Greasy, but works great.

Charlie said...

Well we prayed that their little booties would heal and this morning, despite Baby C's colossal poo, they are well on the road to healing.
So we didn't go to the dr. because he wouldn't have much to go on.
I gotta wait until it happens again (even though I hope it won't) and say "look! this is weird, isn't it?"
I bought some $$ baby cream specially made for eczema prone babies. I slathered it on before he took his nap.
I think it was the raspberries that did him in.
And Baby C, I gave her blueberries when I shouldn't have. (no blueberries, plums or grapes, oye)

ro said...

let's just halt the fruit there in the land of milk and honey for a while. I need my super awesome niece and neph to get back to superness. i mean scout gets by on a juice here and there combined with fruit in the yogurt...i throw in a vitamin too just to round it out.