Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I have superior oblique myokymia

My left eyelid won't stop twitching!

It's been about a month of this business.

The teething and work overload are going to force me to have teflon inserted into my occular nerve*!

Here are some things I have said yes to, a.k.a. possible eye twitch sources:

1. "Can you make 8 birdhouses?'
2. "Do you have time to create some graphics and DVD covers by next week?"
3. "Would you decorate 16 KFC buckets?"
4. "When can I reschedule you for an orthodontic review?"
5. "Can you help us renovate The Food Basket building?"
6. "Would you please wash/save all your baby food jars for a project we're doing?"
7. "Can you come up with a new logo for ____?"
8. "Will you be in charge of making sure all 300 AIDS walk shirts are printed and delivered in 2 weeks?"

breakfast lunch dinner, dishes, laundry, diapers, bottles, walk dogs-- TWITCH!

When my hair starts falling out, then maybe I'll change my ways.

One thing brings me solace though, and that's spooning hamsters.

*No one had better comment thinking I'm serious about the teflon.


Jeremy and Kamie said...

I have the eye twitch in the right eye and I am nowhere near as busy as you. What does that say about my stress level?

Samantha said...

wow...I wanna learn more about the teflon thing...how weird...WHY teflon? so your nerves aren't sticky? WEIRD!

Oh...I have the right eye twitch for far less noble reasons...I'm reading constantly for classes...

Devon said...

yikes...repeat after me..."I'm sorry, but unfortunately I can't take on ______ right now - maybe another time." doesn't that have a nice ring?

just say no... just say no...

watching out for your poor little twitchy eye!

Anonymous said...

We can't help it if you're so creative that everyone needs you!! Try for a little more balance grasshopper, but all your projects have been so darn cute! What can I say, You Need Your Mommy! Mom