Monday, August 11, 2008

beans and rice, that's nice

We've all been challenged at WG to eat only beans and rice (and/or bread and water) for [the next] 3 days, in order to strengthen our solidarity with people in other countries who have very little to eat.
We started this morning, but we've decided to supplement with bananas, for the kids, and for Kevin before he plays soccer. Which is totally cheating, but I'm telling myself it's better than nothing. Besides, bananas are potentially a 3rd world food, right?

One meal down, and the kids loved it. I think they'd prefer to live in Nepal or something, because they turn their noses up at fresh peaches from the backyard or blueberry yogurt. But give them a plain bowl of rice and they eat every grain.
We'll see how it is by Wednesday's dinner.

I went grocery shopping to get more beans and rice...and bread and bananas. I got boil n bag rice, ranch style beans and french bread. That also seems kind of cheaty.
I bought what looked like tiny bananas, but it ends up they were tiny plantains. Darnit.


sister celtic said...

I like this womens kitchen... It gives me good idea's for finishing ours.. Can't wait to show it to George. I'm serious, why live on an island in something high end when I can go Flintstones...

Devon said...

i seriously could eat rice and beans every day - no joke. are condiments allowed? i like mine with maggi - panamanian ketchup.