Saturday, August 02, 2008

and it keeps cats out

Kevin and I were laying in bed half asleep this morning and the kids were babbling to themselves in their rooms when--- THUD! CRY!

I gasped, "Ransom fell out of his crib!"
Kevin jumped up, went in his room and picked him up off the floor.

He was okay, but it meant that we have to do something about it now.


We might have to get one of these.

I was hoping he'd stay in his crib for another year so that I could buy him bunkbeds.


Mama Bree said...

I actually looked into those when I was still pregnant since I wasn't sure whether to be worried about the cats sneaking into Logan's crib while he was asleep or not. I didn't get around to it and it didn't matter anyway, the cats are scared shitless of LOUD CRYING SQUIRMY ALL THE TIME BABY. ;-)

Seriously tho, that's a little scary about Ransom climbing out of his crib!! And, I'm assuming you have the mattress down to the lowest setting by now already?? Is he too young to just move into a regular toddler bed already do you think? (our crib converts into one but not sure if yours does??)

good luck!!

ro said...

Welcome to my pain...he's the same age that Scout was when she started making the leap. And, ever since then, we've been fighting the good fight to keep her in her bed/room. Best of LUck! Hey, and I bought her bunk beds after a month of messing with a toddler bed that wasn't cuttin' it.