Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Truly a break-fast, this morning. For the babies at least. I still had my good ol' bread and water. And now I can say, viscerally, I know why there were food riots in Port Au Prince. Bread and water makes me cranky. I couldn't get two bowls out of each other (like suction-stuck inside one another) and I was so irritated that I threw them on the floor.
If I hadn't eaten anything, I might have broken a window or set a car on fire.

I will say that they ate all of their food this morning, didn't complain and didn't throw it on the floor. So I'm taking a lesson from this, that a beans-and-rice day will make your kids appreciate their Panda Puffs a little bit more.

I like to say that he has an eating disorder.
He crams as much as he possibly can in his mouth and this tries to chew it.

I'm currently sitting in the chair pictured behind her. And unfortunately that mess is still here on the table in front of me.

Hooray! Sugar!
I'll be making a similar face on Thursday morning.

"I'm worried and confused. But I'm still eating."

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