Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've always been esoteric

In addition to He-Man, Mr. Rogers and Care Bears, I also liked these cartoons.

Does anyone else remember?...

Adventures of Little Koala

David the Gnome



Eukreeka's Castle

I think other kids were at gymnastics and jazz class, while I was home watching koala anime and eating corn flakes.


Lacy said...

OMG! David the Gnome! Eureka's Castle!

Those were both on Nickelodeon, but we didn't have cable when I was a kid, so they were a special treat reserved for when I was home sick, lying on my Poppy and Granny's couch.

Wow. Now I'm remembering hot buttered toast and their scratchy sofa.

Good times.

pkillur said...

Dude I totally remember all of those. Remember "You can't do that on television" and that one weird show on Nickelodeon that had the talking monkeys? Anyone remember that?

Gibbytron said...

Pinwheel, yes. :) Ever watch Dr. Shrinker or Read All About It?