Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I might regret this

Baby C has told me that she thinks she's getting a jump house for her birthday party. I never said we would, and after I found out they cost 100 bucks to rent, I thought "oh no."

Though she said that's what she wanted, we made her an apple tree for her room instead, which cost about the same in materials as a jump house.

However, I think I need to make her party something special to distract from the fact that there's no giant inflatable thing in our front yard.

What do I have to offer, and how could we keep it outside (since many of her friends are allergic to our pets)?....hmmm....

So I thought, "how about an 'art party'?"

I have plenty of supplies here around the house, and all I would need to do is sew smocks and berets for everyone.

Now it is true that I absolutely hate the stereotype of the artist in the beret and 15th century tunic.
But how cute would it be for them all to be wearing them? Especially if I make them in cute patterns like polka dots or something.

I might even set up a silkscreen for them to put an image on a shirt. Who knows.

But it's cheap and outdoors and she'll probably forget all about that jump house business, right?

p.s. this site is a crack up

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ro said...

Great idea! Bounce houses will always be there. Man, that tree house is awesome. Can you come and build one for Scout?