Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Today was the last day of Baby C's ballet class. She handled the news like a champ.
I mean, she is about to start preschool in a few weeks so that took the edge off it.
They let the parents in to watch for the last class (we had never been allowed to before).
Baby C was the star student in opinion, only outdone from time to time by a cute little Asian girl.

Here she is with her "comeptition," heh.

These women were super patient. There were two girls that were disastrously misbehaving and I was so glad that I didn't have to deal with them.

Fingers in the mouth, alot of that this morning.

Baby R really wanted to join in. And if he was old enough, I would totally enroll him in ballet with Baby C. Kevin would probably be irritated, but he wants to dance with the pretty girls, who am I to stop him?

Before class started I let him mingle with the "ladies."

This is a still shot from the roll call that I got on tape below.
Instead of raising their hands when their names are called, they're supposed to raise their arms just-so. Baby C was very good at this even when other's names were called.

"I put my hands up!...I did my hands!..."

She barely paid me any attention, thankfully. But she did give me a cute smile for this shot without me prompting.

Stretching very important when you're a toddler. We wouldn't want to strain a muscle. ;)

As if tutu's and dancing wasn't enough fun for them, they added wands to the mix for one song.

I wish this wasn't so blurry. She's so happy here.

Classic the-brother-has-to-go-to-dance-with-his-sister pose.


M.K.A.W. said...

Too cute! Aiden is now running around the house with his arms raised above his head!

Mama Bree said...

Loved this post - thanks for sharing!! :)

sister celtic said...

Another priceless performance, She is definetly top off the class..VGery focused and bright and cordinated. Also the chunky in the pink with the belly and curly Shirley Temple hair just was hilarious.

sister celtic said...

A proud little brother for sure..

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful ballerina!! With a prince of a brother!

Loved it!

Aunt Dianne

Joanne said...

this is super duper cute!

ro said...

I love it all. Scout is jealous of C. I must say that I couldn't stop looking for the "fluffy" ballerina that shows up periodically. I mean, she is awesome. But, C is my fav of course.

ro said...

ok, watched all the videos and the last one is my fav! I like the bootie drop move and how C checks herself out in the mirror :)