Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Tuesday, now with 33% more!

Baby C is very into gardening with her Daddy. So you can imagine how excited she was to harvest the two mini ears of corn from the backyard. Her enthusiasm wasn't exactly captured on film.

Speaking of Baby C, I just got back this morning from the hardware store with two giant sheets of wood to make her a apple tree for her room!
I got the idea from one of the areas of the Children's Discovery Museum. If you look in the far back of that linked photo, you can see the tree I'm talking about. I really liked how it was covered in carpet and you could get inside it.
Kevin's in charge of the heavy labor, and I'll be there afterward to make it look like a tree. It will also be accompanied by Chipmunk ABC murals. Because after all, "it is Chipmunk that lives in the burrow under the apple tree."

On Saturday I was crazy enough to take the kids to FLAX up in the city for their Kidfest. I've never been to their kid thing before but I knew I was in for it, particularly with Baby R. But who am I to deny Baby C the luxury of free art projects just because her brother tries to eat everything he sees, especially the pointy things? Here's a video of him running loose in the store.

It got much worse than this at times, and all the while there was quiet and angelic little Baby C, just gluing googly eyes on a popcicle stick (which I later called the 5-eyed-pickle) and drawing away.

I let him carry this dry brush all around the store.
He felt he was doing something and I let him believe it.

That would be Hot Tamale drool coming out of his mouth.
They didn't have the calming effect I was after.

Funny story:
There was a marble painting station that was certainly Baby C's favorite. She sat there for a long time carefully painting her glass rocks next to bigger, pushier, louder kids.

(there she is painting them)
After she was done we laid them on a table with some other ones to dry. When we went to go back for them, as we were leaving, I told her I didn't see them and that some other kid must have taken them on accident.
She lost it!
I went back and quickly painted a couple of rocks and brought them back to her and she said "these aren't my rocks! where are they? why did they take them?"
So I went back and somehow I had overlooked them, because they were there amidst the dozens of other rocks after all. I brought them back and it took her a few minutes to calm down, after carefully inspecting and confirming that those were in fact her rocks.
It was rather chaotic getting out of the store because I bought some printing inks and the guy had to restart the register's computer because my reciept wouldn't print. It was one of those times I wanted to say "it's okay, I'm outta here."

We strolled out front and I said we were heading back to the car.
"Where's the car?"
"It's where we left it, around the corner."
"Where is it?"
And right at that moment, another black RAV4 drove right in front of us, and down Market St.
She started freaking out.
"Mommy! Someone took our car! Someone took our car!"
I tried to explain that lots of people have cards like ours, but it wasn't until we finally arrived back at our car, that she believed me.
Rough afternoon for her. She thought she was under siege.

A few days ago, Grandma took the babies up to a pony farm up in the mountains. Well less a farm, and more a place where some ponies happen to live.

Tiny horses in need of a tiny herding dog.

Baby R wasn't too sure of the "giant" animals, or so I heard.

The boots are pretty convincing right? Yeah.

"I think I'll just check on this fence instead."

Yes, definitely more his speed. Toy dog cowboy.

You can't tell, but she has little horsies and horseshoes on her shirt.

And he has his western snap shirt, with tight jeans and boots.

Don't you just want to hug her in this pic?!

It was said that this is the closest he got to the pony.
And that was enough of that.

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ro said...

Your kids are adorable. I think you just put that video up of R because you wanted me to see his faux-hawk. I can't tell you how much I like the little ponies, little hearding dog, and little kiddos in western wear. Great stuff in there.
ps. the under siege line was funny.