Thursday, August 14, 2008

cheers and jeers

I've been running a tally in my head of things that are great and things that annoy me.

-10 day Nail Polish

-all day lipstick

-the idea of ditching the wig compulsion for home install hair extensions

-ice cream and pepsi after 3 days of beans and rice (and bananas and water).


-Because of stupid terrorists, I, and everyone else has to wait in line and personally hand anything over 1lb. to people at the post office. Nevermind that the postage is already on it. And nevermind that I dropped it in the mail drop at the post office.
Oh no, my packages were returned twice! If there was a bomb in those packages, I think it'd be pretty clear by now. Gah.

-the dishwasher is still broken and will remain broken for a long while.

-houseflies and fruitflies

-speaking of terrorists, the squirrels are back for their August reign of terror. They mounted an full assault on our front yard, using the entire walnut tree as their arsenal.
Nut shrapnel is everywhere.
And so is their poop.


Devon said...

if you buy your postage online at you can send it from your house - even if it's over 13oz. good stuff!

Charlie said...

Nice tip!
I'm gonna have to start doing that.

And I know I'm a big whiner with the beans and rice. But I just need milk and chocolate. Apparently it's the base of *my* food pyramid.

Mom said...

Go to Sears now! Aurora and I put up with that bologna for over a year and now we cant believe we waited that LONG!!!!!!! Kenmore in the $300.00ish range. Do it without delay. A dishwasher is a necessity,not a luxury!!!!