Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Tuesday

This morning both kids had diaper rash and I had 10 minutes to change them, dress them and put them in the car with their "breakfast" in order to get Kid C to preschool on time.

I asked Kevin to help me, which he did, very nicely. He put Kid C in the car for me, and I put Baby R in.

It's a 30 minute drive to preschool (yes, it's crazy and it just confirmed my thoughts of changing her preschool to something closer and cheaper). And at minute 20 Kid C says "I don't have any shoes on."

She in fact didn't have any shoes.

Sometimes there's an extra pair in the car for moments just like this. But instead all I found was two pairs of Baby R's shoes.

At 8:50am the only stores that are open are drug stores and grocery stores. I took a chance on a Walgreens on the corner and all I they had was one pair of those toy dress up princess shoes. I knew the teachers would be mad at those shoes (since I get grief over her wearing flip flops) but it was better than nothing, right?

I just picked her up and her teacher did indeed say that she shouldn't wear those shoes. I wanted to tell her the whole saga but instead I just said "yeah I know."

Last week, we went to all the trouble of fancy-fying her mary janes....

They were black payless clunky shoes. And so we spray painted them green, added glitter,
and glued on sparkley bug doodads.

much fancier.

Yesterday we went over for a playdate (you can't see, but I'm making a face while I type that word). And other moms brought stuff to decorate cookies.
Yep, wheels-off.

This one is sideways...I'm too lazy to change it.

They are so ready.

And then I took a picture with the flash-- less ready.

Kid C has a new friend, Kid A. (no relation)
Kid A shares her room with her baby sister.
And no toys live in her room, if they come in, they have to
go back in the playroom when they are done.
This kind of structure is foreign to me. Her mom seems to
have more of a plan than I do.


M.K.A.W. said...

Good idea with the shoes - they are so cute!

Devon said...

they're just tiny people trying to have fun - why can't they wear flip flops and princess dress up shoes? is this what i have to look forward to??

ro said...

Not that your post is about me but....I know a few people that do the sister/brother in the room only for sleeping. I'm most likely going to do that too. That's my goal at least.

ro said...

Ok, so getting kids to school/caregiver's house is difficult right? Yeah, I do it every morning. (sorry I'm making it about me again). I always do a mental checklist when I leave of the criticals: blanket - check; change of clothes for both kids - check; burp cloths/bibs for Brooke - check. I pretty much make Scout wear the shoes out the door so that hasn't been an issue. However, the blanket has been left at home AND at preschool. I always have to bee line it to get it once I forget. If it were 30 mins aways....aaaaahhhhhh. Yeah, get something closer so you aren't tortured. I mean if it is possible. On those days you have to pack up, can you feel the working mother's pain? Yeah, the only good thing about when I didn't take them anywhere while I was on maternity leave was the non-getting ready in the morning. whew.

Charlie said...

oh my gosh, I think of that all the time, how most other people have to do it every morning.
My kids beat each other up too much to sleep in the same room right now.