Thursday, October 23, 2008

Women are from Venus and Men do stuff like this

Kevin caught a rat with his bare hands last night!!!!

I mean, I know he's fearless, but I didn't really think he would walk into our bedroom shortly after I went to bed and say "look what I caught."

The man and the rat are real in the photo, the shirt was photoshopped on.

Shirtless rat-hunter, my husband.

He was going to let the cat "get it."
But I said that was barbaric, and begged him to take it far away from our house.

I wanted him to walk it all the way to the creek, but he took it to a sewer a couple of blocks away.


ro said...

no freaking way!

Kevin is amazing.

I really wish you guys would have at least shot it with a gun or something.

Charlie said...


sister celtic said...

Speechless, gasping horror!

sister celtic said...

I can't wait for Geo. to see this...I remember George caught this enormous rat in a trap and the home school kids made a field trip to see it especially the girls were interested.. I will not be visiting your blog til that ewwwwww thing is gone.. So see ya... Later..