Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Okay, it's 11pm and here we go.

On Friday I suddenly decided to go to Uesugi Farms in Morgan Hill. It was right at Baby R's naptime when I decided to leave and also right about lunchtime. I thought this was perfect since it would take us about 30 minutes to get there.
But-- Baby R didn't sleep. He sensed something was going on and instead made excited faces and jumpy poses in his carseat the whole drive.
As I parked the car, I mentally changed our plan of spending the whole afternoon there at the farm to instead maybe just a couple of hours.
We made it though lunch just fine, but shortly after he turned into Mr. Turdly. It's his version of Mr. Hyde. He kept crying and running off, and the last time he broke from my grip he ran off and face-first into a wheelbarrow handle. And then a school trip chaperone gasped and asked him "where is your mother?!"
"Yeah hi, I'm right here." 10 feet away trying not to strangle some food line buttinskies.
(What is it that makes people cut in front of me in line when I'm holding a crying/yelling/kicking baby? Do they have no conscience at all?)
I think we broke even. He had that tantrum-wheelbarrow incident and made a scene about being strapped in the stroller for the last 30 minutes. But they got to ride the carousel, see the pumpkin pyramid, and eat ice cream.

And the drive home was nice and peaceful, because he finally slept.

Random post-carousel pic.

Kid C is doing her John Travolta impression.

"Hmm, this will only suppress my rage for about 4 minutes,
and then I will throw the spoon and resume freaking out."

Kid C was actually really good all the way then end when I
told her we had to go because of Baby R.
Here she is upset because we're about to leave.
I did feel kinda bad for her, her brother being a party pooper.

The AIDS Walk was on Sunday.
I think that's the last time I'll be wearing those gauchos.
The pregnancy need for them is over. I'm currently in the
market for a yoga-pant to replace them.
And Baby R was sure that somehow that balloon ribbon
was climbable.

I made this chicken and two chicks out of play-doh today.
I thought they were so cute that I took a picture.

Two pictures. Kid C has a certain routine of play-doh
art commissions for everytime we take it out.
Baby chick, bunny, river, garage, trees.
Today I mixed up and made a whole chicken family
and some nests.

Baby R can now climb up onto the barstools, as of this afternoon.
He's already fallen off them twice since then.

He's an awfully good eater in that barstool though.
And exceptionally cute.

Chubby arms.

"Auntie" Sam purged her plush penguin collection and sent it to the kids.
They loved it. I thought for sure one of them would jump in with them,
but instead they carried them all around the house.

And finally a little insight on how I keep the kids table clean.
Their janitorial service pays for their room and board.

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ro said...

1) No you didn't put the dog pic up there. But, again, that sort of shameless post is why we are related.
2) I can't believe how big and "grown-up" R looks at the bar!
3) Yes, ditch the gauchos because I'm sure you are skinnier than they make you look. But, yes they were great for pregnancy!
4) I feel your pain on the non-sleep meltdown type afternoon.