Thursday, October 30, 2008

bad juju moving in

It's 10:15 pm. Tomorrow is Halloween.
Kid C's costume is done.
Baby R's is done, although the pants are still in the washing machine.
My costume is about half-done.
Kevin's is half-done.

Baby R somehow got a stomach bug (the kind that hits you on the way out) and has passed it around to all of us.

And because of those intestinal cooties, I'm feeling like calling it a night.

After all, tomorrow I need to:

10am- take kids to elderly center for halloween party
then bring kids back before 11:30 to drop them off with Grandma
11:45- figure out how to spray paint a bunch of stuff (for the big Beautiful Day sign up bonanza when it's raining outside)
1:30- return to kids, and possibly take the trick o treating in either downtown Campbell or Willow Glen.
5:00 get everyone ready to go to church for our Halloween Party
(I'm not calling it a Harvest Fest, I mean everyone knows it's Halloween, and no one harvested anything around here. C'mon)
6:00 until cranky- party down in the rain at church dressed as bees.

I might be able to finish my costume in that window of time when Baby R is sleeping and Kid C is watching TV...

I dunno, I'm just pooped.

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Devon said...

can't wait to see photos!!