Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Tuesday

After reading a chapter in Breathe, I have tried to make a conscious effort to "keep the Sabbath" and only do stuff as a family and really just be together, not work on projects or splinter out. It's nice. At least I think so. I think Kevin would rather watch football, but I think it's nice.
So with that in mind, I offered that we all go to the Junior Museum in Palo Alto, that has an itty bitty zoo. Well, I really wanted to go to Happy Hollow, but I looked online and it's closed until Fall 2009! No capybaras for a whole year!

Big Thayer and little Thayer.

Mommy are you sure these plants eat bugs?

He has never looked more like Archie Bunker than here.

That glowing orb is Baby R's head.
There were big fierce geese inside this paddock.

Yarr, mateys. Me thinks me sees dar terrapin.

I think these her stage persona or something.
I told her to smile and this is what she did.

She gave a short informative monologue all about ferrets...before I turned on the camera.

It's October, and that means AIDS Walk and Halloween.
Here is our Walk banner, by yours truly.
And Kid C modeling her new black tutu that I sewed for her costume.
We're all gonna be bees, and Kevin's gonna be a bee keeper.
Super cheezy.

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sister celtic said...

I literally have tears streaming down my face with laughter about the leapord snake... Geo. loves snakes I hate em so he will crack up at this one...As for the speeding ticket you must hear our story after driving 4,720 miles no ticket... then.......You will not believe this one...Nope you'll die laughing when I post the story..