Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Yes, it's the "hey, um, could you take a picture of us" picture.
I'm the only one who was awarded points for paying attention.
Oopsie, I kinda matched Baby R...and my living room.

He may be a scrapper and a biter (he left a big hematoma on the back of my thigh!)
but he's a good boy when it comes to "look at the camera!"

Um, where ya goin, C?

H-hey, success. Both looking at me!
Go Team Thayer.

He did this on his own. He's so gosh darn cute!

Kid C didn't really get what we were doing, but still wanted a part of the action.

Ain't she a prize?
Yes, there's our 11 dollar pumpkin.
The rest of the country is in a recession, but these pumpkin peddlers, they are the fat cats of the produce market.

Oh and 8 dollars to jump in the jump houses.
Now that she's not scared of them anymore (at least the ones without slides)
I indulged her.


Thump thump thump....nope no good.
Thump thump...hmm too young!, next pumpkin.
Thump thump thump thump...all signs point to yes, it's a winner!

Even though Kevin grew pumpkins this year, we went ahead and bought a big fat one.
Since the ones we had were little cuties compared to the honker from the patch.

The whole day was really good. Especially considering Kid C completely flipped out on me at a restaurant with our friends and their well behaved kids, the night before.
She hadn't had a nap and she blew up like a powder keg. My friend who doesn't have kids was elected/volunteered to help me back to the car with both kids. Baby R was quite pleasant by comparision.
It wasn't until well into the wee hours that her frenzy subsided.
Don't mistake that to mean that I was trying to console her for hours and hours.
She just was wacked out in her room, sleeping for little bits and then waking up and moaning about the injustice of it all. At about midnight, we went in together and I got her to calm down with the offer of some yogurt. After that, peace in the valley.


Devon said...

great photos - looked like tons of fun!

11 bucks for a pumpkin??? that's just evil!

ro said...

Good post full of pics and comical commentary. I like C's cute outfit. Oh, and you are going to have to dye your hair like blonde or something because in that family pic um, your kids don't look like they belong to you and Kevin ;) Oh, I'd pay good money to watch Scout jump with C in the bounce house. And, I think you are in love with R just a little bit.