Friday, October 31, 2008

let's all get on the same page

After listening to This American Life I feel the need to clarify the following points about Obama:

1. He's not a Muslim. He's Christian
(remember that whole crazy reverend thing? yeah?)

2. He's not a terrorist.
Just because his name rhymes with a terrorist means nothing.
My last name rhymes with Slayer.

3. He's not buddies with crazy people like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.
Remember this?

4. Yes, he's black. (I can't believe that's really a problem for people.)
But he's also white, and was raised by white people.

5. He's not a "radical."
He's against gay marriage, which around here makes you a total conservative.

6. He's way more like Hillary Clinton than John McCain.
All of those pouting about Hillary need to calm down.

Okay, I just needed to get that out there.


Mama Bree said...

Hear hear!! :)

Anonymous said...

I only disagree with one statement thing. Yeah I agree he is not muslim, but I really question his Christian faith. But don't worry I really question Bush, McCain and any other politician who tries to use the Christian card with the "Moral Majority". Only a few more days and we can end this thing, all though give it a couple of weeks after that and we start the whole process over again.

Sam said...

Can I just say that a candidate's religion shouldn't matter. Even if he WERE a Muslim, which he's not, I'm not sure that would make him any less qualified to be president. I feel bad for all the Muslims in our country who have to flinch each time people from the "McCain" side use that as a way to slander Obama. It's ludicrous. Show me where in the constitution it says you have to be Christian to be president.

Sorry, big peeve of mine. Climbing off my soap box now.

Charlie said...

Randy- I think anyone who's a super duper dedicated Christian, wouldn't be running for president at all. They would be wearing sackcloth and feeding orphans in Mexico.
He's as Christian as most of America is, I think. I haven't read his books, but I've heard he goes into his faith more in those.
I totally agree that millions of Americans fall for the "Christian" card, and I wish it wasn't thrown around (i.e., Bush)
Which brings me to Sam's comment.

Sam- I agree.
But I just wanted everyone to get the facts straight. Because there are alot of people who think he is Muslim and aren't voting for him because of that.

pkillur said...

So here is my feelings on Obama. I really really like Obama. I would vote for Obama, simply BECAUSE he doesn't tout his faith. I believe both of the guys are on the same level spiritually.

However - I'm going to say the big bad A word... Abortion. There is no reason for Abortion. Period. 43% of all abortions happen after 10 weeks ( Whatever anyone says about the beginning of life, I can tell you, from holding my own stillborn children at ages 16 and 17 weeks that they are babies. Hearts, lungs, toes, mouths, tongues.

And in the last debate, I didn't really buy the whole "Well doctors have to support babies that are born through botched abortions by hippocratic oathes". Maybe you sign it to be explicitly clear on where you stand...

I also like that John McCain (for obvious reasons) knows the military intrinsically and would be a better wartime leader. I think it's idiocy to cut and run in Iraq. We're there, we shouldn't pull the rug out from their government and create MORE Islamofascists who hate the U.S. when their government collapses because of a too soon troop withdrawl.

Sam - for the record, John McCain has time and again defended Obama as being a "Christian American". That being said, there is no way in Hell I would ever vote for a Muslim over a Christian (fake or not) or any other religion. Islam (in my opinion) is the most "religiony" religion on the planet and I have a hard time believing that practicing Muslim would be able to separate personal "Sahria" law from secular "Executive" law.

Just my .02

Charlie said...

The abortion issue is the only one that I don't like about Obama.

But I don't think that is the only issue that people should base their vote on.

I'm middle of the road when it comes to abortion. (I think it should be totally legal in the first trimester, and the later it gets the increasingly difficult it should be to recieve one-- i.e., serious health reasons)