Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Kid C likes to take pictures of herself.
I don't know where she gets that from. *eyes darting back and forth*
She will sit with my laptop and play with the "Photo Booth" program for like 30 min straight and take photo after photo of herself.
If she sees the camera, she wants me to take her picture.
She loves the mirror. No self esteem problem here, people.

She insists that no one else be in her shot.
We snuck in on this one, and then she told us to go away.

Working with props, namely, my earrings.

She did a ton of these, motion shots.

More props.

Extreme close-up.


Baby R wanted part of the action.

There are a ton of these too.
She would hit the button and then flop on the table.

She wanted me to take photos of her in the bathroom all night.

She looks like, what, 10 yrs old here?

My absolute favorite!


Anonymous said...

what a sweet little Diva! Maybe she will become a famous photographer!

btw, since you don't answer your phone, can't listen to your vm, and I can't reach you on email, will you call me regarding some volunteer work?

pkillur said...

Dude, your kids are ridiculously cute. I would let the boys play with my laptop except, they're boys. And I like my laptop too much. And peanut butter + keyboard =/= good.

megan g said...

Wow, the cutest little girl I have ever seen--made even cuter by her confidence. :-)

ro said...

I love the motion shot! Great shots-all of them. You should talk to Kevin about making a real photo booth. A friend of mine has made them. You need to get a certain camera, then hook it to a computer, a timer, printer, etc. It is really cool and smart techie people can make them. My friend brings it out to parties and stuff and it is a good time for all.