Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Happy Halloween everyone! I mean...Happy Election Day!

I have so many photos this week that I'm saving some non-Halloween pics for next week.

Here we are, the family unit, in theme.
Apparently our family was the hit of the party
I didn't expect that.
Baby R's costume is borrowed from a friend.
Kid C's I completely sewed (except for her wings, those were last year's Tinkerbell's wings)
She wanted to be a green bee, and I told her no one would understand that she was a bee, so I sewed a green flower on her costume. That was enough for her.
I sewed the bottom part of mine. And we doctored up a rain suit for Kevin's bee keeper's getup.
Oh and Kid C and I are wearing practice golf balls and pipecleaners as antenna, ha.

I promise the church Halloween party was more fun than this photo would have you believe.
They had Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin playing in the auditorium, which was when we remembered the camera.
They put a giantic inflatable slide IN THE LOBBY! It was awesome. And this year my skirt didn't fly up when we went down. I was sure to weigh it down with Kid C.

Baby R loves to run through the auditorim when it's [mostly] empty. With my job, he gets to do it alot.

Oh and he had no shoes. That's also why we spent a lot of time with Charlie Brown.

Earlier in the day, we hit Willow Glen for toddler trick o treating.
It went much better than last year. Kid C had so much fun, and Baby R just rode on my shoulders the whole time, watching the action. He's a chunk, so my shoulders were killing me the next day.

Docile. It was nap time.

No nap for Kid C! Candy time!

Bees ready for takeoff.

This entire costume was made without measuring.
Velcro, velcro velcro.

After two sessions of trick o treating, and the big party, the bees were ready to go back to the hive. We stopped by Grandma and Papa's house on the way back.

He just wanted Grandma to hold him and feed him milk.
So cute. He gave up on Halloween hours ago.

I missed the moment, but Kid C was trying to put her fancy dress up plastic shoes on her brother and he thought it was so much fun.

It hadn't rained in months and months, and I wondered if he would be too big for Kid C's old "ducksuit" by the time rain fell again.
But yes we had a "storm" (hah!, not a storm by any non-bay-area standards).

He wasn't really happy about the rain or the ducksuit.
Grumpy duck.


Sarah Meyer said...

Could that family picture be any cuter?! No I don't think it could.... I LOVE it!

Leigh said...

I agree with Sarah, the family picture is awesome!
You four totally rocked the bee theme.

ro said...

Yea for all the great pictures. OF COURSE you were the hit of the party. duh. You guys looks so awesomely cute! Well done mama bee-sewer-coordinator. Keven wore his part well as did the kiddies. I love the one of C posing in her "velcro-sized" costume. I think the dress up shoe thing is funny. I like his bare feet. All great. Miss you guys. And I know how tired your kids must have been because that's how tired mine were.