Thursday, November 06, 2008

I cram and then I sit

I manage to cram way too much stuff into my life and then when I get a free moment that I set aside for the purpose of just getting things done that need peace an quiet to accomplish. I just want to sit and stare at the wall or lay on the couch and contemplate soap commercials.

So I accomplished a couple of things in the last hour. And now I want to blog and chat with people.

I have shirts to make, house to clean, make a new coffee business plan for church...

Hey, I'll blog about my new coffee plan for church! (ha)

So the woman who was staunchly opposed to my fair trade and eco friendly suggestions is now gone from the church. And the resposiblity for that "ministry" now belongs to my boss's department. I put ministry in quotes because at this point, it's just a glorified snack bar.
We serve coffee in carafes and hot water with tea bags, and a giant bowl of donut holes. I don't think anyone feels ministered to or that somehow this relates to the reason we are up early on a Sunday morning.

The reason I ran into road blocks for the fair trade coffee and the eco containers was money.
We have x amount of dollars to spend on coffee.
I agree we should spend the very minimum of the money that people give in the name of God to stock a snack bar.
So here is my revolutionary idea:
Are you ready for it?

Make less coffee.

People only drink it because it's there. I know that's why I drink it. And people that come to the 11 o clock service don't need coffee to function, they've probably already had their Starbucks before they came.

And I know I'm kind of a jerk this way, but I think too many people have caffiene addictions. I know, I know, I'm judging, I am.

So if we only serve coffee to the first service, who we want to reward for getting up early anyway, we can then afford to spend money on fairly traded coffee and eco friendly cups.

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong but I loved getting a cup full of donut holes (and then briefly some krispy kreme before we left westgate. But I always thought it was odd that the church passed out donuts. One week and I forget the reason they handed out grapes, totally loved that more then any donut week.

I know this is a little off topic but I am sick of the whole consumerism aspect of church with coffee shops, book stores and stuff like that. Seems like money could be used more effectively then by buying coffee. Does that really bring people to church? Or is it just an added bonus for the people there.

Check this out speaking of coffee:

Charlie said...

Man, Randy I know. In fact, I'm going to put that in my coffee re-do pitch: The option of not having it at all, and that cost that could be given to other real ministries.
Like feeding people!

That video was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I say just tell everyone to go to Starbucks and get there own coffee and then we dont have to spend all the money on coffee and the church could put it to a better use

Joanne said...

get rid of the donut holes replace with grapes! Get rid of coffee all together it's an hour and a half service if they need caffeine to stay awake then obviously we aren't speaking on relevant topics which we are. I say toss the money to our missionaries or better yet educating WestGate people on free trade.

Sam said...

mmmmmmm....doughnut holes...maybe I should start going to Westgate. Hee hee hee.

Give me 1 more quarter of school and I'll help you come forth with an awesome business plan to switch to fair trade/eco friendly...I just need to take the class for it first. :)

ro said...

um. no. i want coffee at church no matter what service. Yes, I'm addicted. Fair trade is something that very little people understand, so taking away their coffee in the name of fair trade is like telling children their is no santa in the name of truth and honesty. no.

ro said...

oh, so my analogy was stupid, but hopefully you get the idea. keep the coffee and lose the donuts.