Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Kids E and V had their dual birthday last week.
We were there, and Baby R tried his hardest to find something to break.
Luckily, we escaped with no damage.

I like how Kid E looks bewildered and Kid C looks surly with that juicebox.

Baby R in position for cake launch.

It looks like he's in awe of the flaming cake, but if you look closely, he's just trying to get the straw out of his upper lip.

Kid V got to blow out the candles first.

Amazement and anticipation.

'Oh wait, hold everything, my friend's on the phone."

"Quick R___, look innocent, she's watching us!"
Isn't that a frightening sight?: A glass of pomegranate juice, precariously set upon a loose placemat, in front of a 3 yr old, at someone else's house.

B roll action.

Yes, I busted out the "mink" shrug.
I bought it when she was just a little baby because it was on the clearance rack at Gap and I had a gift card. And there it sat in my closet until she got big enough.
I thought it was a good time to debut it.

This photo has nothing to do with the kids, except that I took it on our ill-fated Christmas Tree Lighting at Santana Row. It was a mad house. People and strollers everywhere!
But the highlight of the evening was this woman, and her cat.
Her hairless cat, dressed up like Santa.
Her hairless cat, dressed up like Santa, that insisted the cat get up close to see the police horses.
Comedic pause.
As if cats appreciated:
a) being bred to be hairless
b) dressing up in costume
c) getting near giant horses.

You can't pay for entertainment like that.

p.s. I forgot to mention a story [an illustration of Kid C's self confidence.] She was singing a little song this weekend while playing, and I asked her if she learned it at school. And she said "no, I made it up" and then continued singing, only this time, the words to the song were "I know every stuff..." (like I know everything)

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Joanne said...

I think you should have have a short week due to the holiday and call Friday Baby Tuesday.