Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prudence is a frumpy girls' name...

...but I'm learning the benefits of it.

I was considering this year's Christmas card, the other day while shopping. How can i make it meaningful and cheap...meaningful and cheap...hmm.

And then I realized the most meaningful thing to do with that 100 bucks that I have spent on cards (yes, I'm an idiot but $1.00/card plus stamps adds up when you send out 50 cards)
...the most meaningful thing to do would be to spend that money on people that need it.
...the cheapest thing to do would be to not send cards.

I knew it was a good decision when I felt a big relief after I made up my mind.
And I weighed what I believe and the facts as I see them, and it's the only logical choice.

But! I promise to make a really cute photo shoot and make a blog post that looks like what
my christmas card would look like if I had really made them.
It'll be entertaining, I promise!

Stay tuned.


Lacy said...

I want you to know that you're really inspiring me this year. I'm not making all my gifts (but I am making one of those 4 1/2 hour afghans you talked about a while back!), but I am doing a LOT of my Christmas shopping at places like Etsy, half.com, used bookstores, and thrift stores — not just to save money (although that's a perk) but also to create less waste and support handmade, local stuff.

I'm also going to make a lot of food gifts, and I thought you might be interested in this site from Whole Foods with lots of food gift recipes!

I'm thinking of doing an e-Christmas card this year. No cost, no waste. But I LOVE the idea of donating the money I've saved to charity!!!

THANKS for being so inspiring, Charlie!

ro said...

That's what I did last year...virtual cards. It is just such a drain of time, energy and money to send out cards to everyone when most people just throw them in the trash. I am totally ok with the e-christmas card. And, if you can donate in it's snail mail absence then that is quite nice.

Devon said...

dear prudence, open up your eyes. dear prudence, see the brand new skies. - john lennon