Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Good morning. I'm having one, how about you?

Normally I'd delete a photo off the camera that had someone closing her eyes.
But this is an important protective measure when Baby R is near your face.
I have new nickname for him, "little Wolverine." Because not only does he have a quick
temper and is not afraid to fight anyone at anytime. But he's also incredibly strong. It's an achievement in itself to hold him down and change his diaper.*

Hey, hey, look at that cool shirt!
I got a little pint size Beautiful Day shirt for Kid C.
Mommy and Daddy have matching tee's too.
Oh and, I don't know where she learned this funny move with her face.
I didn't teach her, but it cracked me up.

Yes, he was really saying "cheese." He'd never done that before either.

Again, more "cheese."
But I'd like to draw your attention to the giant yellow ball behind Dr. Frankenheimer.
I bought that for a WG project, but then we didn't end up using it after all. So here it
sits in our house where the kids bowl each other over with it and cry. I like to sit on it
though so it's staying until I can paint it like a giant ornament. (yes!)

The reason they're being so cooperative and cute, is due to the sleeping bag.
They were magnetized to it, ever since I brought in the house.
Who knew it would be so exciting?

They snuzzled up to it immediately.
Like Mojito would.

Big mom foot, 9 o' clock.

I don't know if it's clear from the video, but Baby R for some reason has become facinated with Olive's poop-shoot. He has a tone in his voice like he's concerned about it, like he thinks she's injured or something. Either way, I gotta keep them separated.

This is from Halloween, I forgot I had it. Kid C was serenading us with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This'll be nice and embarrassing later, right?

*Speaking of diapers. I've been seriously considering going ot disposable diapers with Baby R. Because he has to wear them when he goes to Grandma's or church or out somewhere. And he totally prefers the disposables, and he won't fight me (as much) to wear them. Plus, Kid C is in disposable pull ups, 24/7. I feel like I've done my 3 years of cloth diapers, I've reduced my share of the landfill, and now I'm going to be a polar bear killer like the rest of society. I haven't made the call yet, but I think I might do so in 2009.


Laura $ said...

as your long lost older sister, i'm putting my foot down on the cloth diaper thing unless you are going to use 7th generation or g diapers! and pull ups!?! gah! charlie, i'm coming over there and giving you a talking to. :P

Mama Bree said...

actually - you can still be green *and* have the convenience of disposables!! we use Nature Babycare diapers, which are disposables but 100% bio-degradable!! :) I moved to these when the cloth diapers just weren't working for us, but I didn't want to contribute to the landfill issue. I feel it's a nice compromise. :)

To Laura's comment - afaik, 7th generation diapers aren't 100% bio-degradable (tho better than pampers, huggies, etc.) and we looked at g-diapers as another option, but they end up being almost as much of a hassle as cloth (in that, you still have a diaper "pant" to put OVER the flushable diaper that needs cleaning, maintenance, etc. like you do with cloth diapers)

good luck!! it's not easy being green. :-P