Monday, November 17, 2008

don't say "it's only Nov 18th!"...

...because when I tell you I'm going to a Christmas Tree Lighting tomorrow night with the kids, you're gonna think it.

I have mixed feelings about Santana Row.

I mean, mostly I love it. The Dallasite in me loves it. It's produced, polished, filled with shiny new products and well dressed people, and lots of restaurants.
But then, alot of those people are the rich and the bored and it's very pretend-cosmopolitan. Because it's in San Joser, and everyone knows it used to be a Chevrolet dealership.
Watching the "singles" action there is an event in itself. I like to play the "I know why you're still single" game while watching the parade of push-up'd women, and dry-clean-only-shirt men walk around.

Anyway, it's most likely going to be a refreshing mix of families with kids.
And hot chocolate tasting, I can get behind that.

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Devon said...

aww, that does look like fun - even if it's before thanksgiving...maybe when the Bird's a little older we can do more things past like 6pm (sigh) :o)