Sunday, May 15, 2005

beach dogs

I'm still not sure if they actually liked it, but we took the 'woggies' to the beach today. They had never actually been on the beach. I've taken them on a couple of car rides to look at the beach, but this was the first paw-on-sand experience for them. It was indeed a lovely day and the beach we went to was good for dogs (and one of the few that allows them) because the waves are puny.
Anyway, I think it freaked them out a little, but anytime they get to run around and sniff new stinky things, they're happy. I did trick them into the path of an approaching wave a couple of times-- the water was pretty dang cold, and I liked to watch their reaction.
Mojito menaced the beach a bit. He accosted a woman laying on a towel at full speed and began licking her ear. She, as I would have done, swatted him away, and he came running back to me proudly. I also noticed him doing the move which I call "breakdance" (rolling over and rubbing his back on the ground) a few yards away. He kept doing it, and worried that he might be breakdancing in some other dogs's poop, I went over to investigate. It was a dead crab, a big fatty too. I don't get dogs.


rollerskater said...

my dog used to roll around in the neighbor dog's poop almost every day, and i consequently had to bathe her almost every day...does anyone have an explanation for this disgusting trait?

ro said...

breakdancing....on a crab....ha! That is good stuff. I wish I could have been there. They are growing up so fast.