Friday, May 20, 2005


I just got stung by a wasp! At least I think it was a wasp, it looked something like this.
I've never been stung by a wasp or a bee (I didn't get out much as a kid, Aurora can back me up on that), so I stared at my foot to see it would puff up. It didn't, I guess I'm not allergic.
I have it elevated, in the most un-lady-like pose, right now as I type this.
Stupid wasp, why did you have to get all mad when I stepped on you?


steph said...

That was a yellow jacket they hurt the worst of all!!!!!!!!

ro said...

Somehow you managed to miss stings as a child. That sucks that it finally caught up to you! Remember when g-money got hit by some bees in WA?

Charlie said...

Yeah I totally thought of that! And how she had to put baking soda on the stings on the plane ride back. :)