Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Let's hear it for the boy!"

Kevin's such a pumpkin for painting the baby's room today (and last night for that matter). I could only do paint prep, like taping, because I'm not supposed to breathe the fumes.
As you can see we have a nice "Marmalade" color on 3 walls, and "Electric Pink" on the fourth/feature wall. In the foreground, please note the $50 crib and the free twin bed. Okay the yellow bed was mine for about a year before we got married, I bought it of of craigslist. But, the cool thing about it, other than being free, is that the girl said her grandfather made it. It's like-- almost sentimental. Posted by Hello


rollerskater said...

allison's right...rhett miller's twin, your hubby is.

Anonymous said...

Good work Kevin!! What color is my room going to be??? Mom