Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It could have been inferred...

...that I don't like phones.
I feel the need to be clear about this so no one takes my phone-avoidance personally. But I do avoid them, and if you've ever called me, you might have picked up on this.
I heard once at a seminar from a very successful business man the following quote: "If you don't want to be found, you don't have to be." (He was talking about taking after hour phone calls) I like to think that justifies my behavior.
I just looked over at my home answering machine and it was literally blinking "50," as in 50 messages. Yep, 50. Once it got over 10, I stopped checking. I'm just being honest here. So if any of those were yours, sorry bout that.
I just turned the machine to "Answer Off."
My voice mail gets checked about 3 times a week, sometimes twice.
I of course get the reaction "why do you even have a cell phone?"
Here's why:
If I need to ask Kevin what we need while I'm at the grocery store.
If I'm going to be late somewhere.
If I need to call for directions while on the way to somewhere.

Once again, this should not be taken personally. My apologies, but that's me.
FYI, Kevin doesn't check messages either, so we have an understanding. Peas in a pod, we are.

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sister celtic said...

Ugh I can tell we are blood pea's in a pod.. Now you know why family and friends think this about us...hahaha I finally found my pea pod roots.. Thank Goodness you said it AmenSista.. Love yo aunt