Sunday, May 22, 2005


Kevin and I have semi-decided that when we buy a new car, we would like it to be a Honda Element.
We don't know when this would be, probably when one of our cars dies.
But it's cheap and has good safety ratings (and that's mostly what I look for in a car), plus you can hose down the inside and it's muy handy. (and it's not a mini van! and it's got good gas milage).


ro said...

I love the Element! I checked one out before I bought the MINI. If I hadn't just had a Jeep, I would have bought it. They are SO funtional. Why do we have the same taste in cars?

Allison said...

You can hose down the inside of those suckers!!
They're great. And it's a Honda- you know it'll last.
Excellent choice.