Sunday, June 10, 2007

why do I do this?

I have this need to know about local crime news. My motivation being if there's some sort of serial offender, I need to be on the look out, or if there's a dangerous area that I'm unaware of, I should become aware of it.
But inevitably I get depressed by it.
Like just now, I was reading brief synopsises of San Jose's homicides from 06 and 07 and I'm totally depressed because a handful of them were small children. I can't take that. In order for me to function during the day, I have to not think about innocent little children and death or else I'm overwhelmed by empathetic grief, and any joy I might have experienced is then tainted.
(I'm sensitive, hence no sad or R movies for me)
And now, I'm about to go to bed, and what have I filled my head with? Tragedy!
I might as well have watched a double feature of Schindlers List and United 93.
Gah! What is my problem?!

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pkillur said...

That's just like the fun comment our neighbor told us last night:

"You need to make sure to keep your garage door closed, someone broke into one of the houses around here and murdered an entire family with a big carpentry hammer".

Gee. Thanks for making us feel great about moving from the safest big city in the U.S...