Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Despite what my blog would have you believe, alot went on in the past week, and I'll try to blog it before the pics get so old no one cares anymore.
Until then-- babies!

Baby R is almost walking. He can walk with a little assistance from his big plastic lion friend. He can stand on his own, cruise the furniture with ease, clap his hands and crawl into the kitchen to tell me he's hungry. And yelling, that tells me he's hungry too.

Our furry adopted babies. They huddle cutely like this almost the entire day.

Again she asked me to take her picture. And just like Mommy, makes the are-you-taking-it?-face.

Little fat guy lookin' fat. The camera adds weight, he doesn't look this portly in reality. But he does often have food all over his face.

I'm too lazy to photoshop my extra chin out of this shot.
I'd rather spend that 2 minutes eating breakfast in peace.
Sloth and gluttony triumphs over vanity!
I'm makin a goofy face anyway, I can't salvage that.

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Anonymous said...

Hold on Cricket and Ransom... GiGi's coming to see you soon!! Mom