Friday, January 04, 2008

Franklin's gone!

I let the dogs out this afternoon, in the backyard, just for a quick break because there's a really huge storm today. And then boom! the back fence fell down!

I asked Kevin to help make sure the dogs were okay and all he came back with was Mojito. Franklin wasn't under the fallen fence, but we can't find him at all.

The shelter says no one has found him or brought him in.
I've walked and driven around the whole neighborhood twice. But it's raining and windy.
He's gone.

My neighbors brought Franklin to my doorstep, exactly 5 hours after he went missing. Apparently he got himself trapped in their backyard (in the pouring rain and wind!). When they got home, they found him pawing at their backdoor. I am so happy to have him back!


Laura said...

yay!!!! i'm soooooooo glad he made it back.

in regards to what you, a jerk? can't really picture that. :)

glad all is right with the world again.

Devon said...

oh, my heart sank when i first read your post!! that's one of my worst nightmares...SO happy to hear little franklin is home!

ro said...

That is a crazy story...fence falling, dog missing. Hurry for update. I'm glad I didn't read it before the update. FDR is in the house. again.