Thursday, January 31, 2008

chipmunks and llamas

I think I've decided (with the absolute freedom to change my mind at any moment) to do Baby C's mural in the style of Richard Scarry's Chipmunk ABC's.
I may throw in a llama or two, just for some spice.

Don't worry Devon, I'm keeping my word, and by March 1st it will be done!


Devon said...

If you paint a richard scarry mural I will come over and spend too much time at your house :o)

March 1st eh? You realize that only gives you like 30 days...? Better break out the paints!

Baby C's a lucky girl!

ro said...

Great idea! Who doesn't want a Richard Scarry mural on their wall? I'm looking forward to it.

sister celtic said...

Oh My Gosh Charlie I had forgotten if anyone could have, raised my kids on the books but they were big big books with lots of words naming the items in the picture... Hey can a person still buy them? Are the big ones now outdated? Help and paint that mural..