Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Baby Tuesday

We have begin potty training and I believe that this is harder on my nerves than the whole 9 months of pregnancy.
It sucks.
It makes me want to just keep her in diapers until she's 15.
And once again, it makes me question why some couples have 8 children.

Thanks Auntie Dianne and Sandi for my new sweater!

Naked and banging on the door, two of his favorite things.

Other favorite things:
More biting*

*I have a really deep blue bruise on my thigh where he attacked me like a ninja beaver and chomped down with his 6 teeth. It hurt so bad!

She said "take my picture!"
And so I got the camera and took this.


ro said...

I feel your pain on the potty training. Yesterday, I knew Scout was going to poop, so I took her diaper off and got the potty. She refused to sit on it even after candy bribing. Instead, she ran behind the recliner and doo-doo'd right there. I was like ----ahhhhh --- in the potty!!!!! Geesh. And, someone I work with told me that kids in Asian/Indian countries are potty trained by 1-2 years. Whatever.

Now, I want to say that you told me R had a big butt, but man, you weren't joking around. He does have a motor in the back of that Honda!

Anonymous said...

Baby C is certainly getting comfortable with her picture being taken; look at that pose!

btw: Happy birthday Charlie!
Auntie Sandi

Tracy said...

At my preschool children have to be potty trained before they can enter the 3 year old room. Since I work it the two year old room all I do all day long is potty training. I feel your pain.

Also, in India they do potty training completely backwards from here b/c they train for poop before training for pee. They wait until the child goes at a regular time every day and then just sit them on the toilet. (My co-teacher and over half my class are Indian).

Devon said...

From what i know of potty training - which isn't much! - it helps to be in a warmer climate where kids don't have as many layers of clothes on. I'm from Panama and grew up in shorts & tank tops - I was one of those kids who went on the potty by 2. Now it seems like that's so young.