Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Nevermind that Kevin has his eyes closed-- look how cute Baby C is.
And she looks like she's 5.

Baby R has had a rough few days. The "I teeth" are coming, and he's miserable.

Baby Luxe blankies, and only Baby Luxe blankies, have a magical calming effect. Even when they have big food stains and pony stickers stuck onto them.
I should buy back-ups in case of a blankie disaster.

Look at those little tree trunk legs.

At last, the pig and cow are painted in.
All they need now are labels like "boston butt" and "chuck."

This video is all over the place. And I look really tired, Baby C tricked me onto [bad lighting] film.


Trina Merry said...

Bravo Cow-Pig!
And yes, those blankets are indispensible- hmm... they might be a good stock option...

Devon said...

the pig and cow look really cool - love the colors :o) you always look cute - even when you're tired!

Anonymous said...

What cuties -- all of you!!

I love C's haircut!

Aunt D