Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Tuesday

The babe's and I were watching the Today show and eating our Puffins and bananas, when the local news reported snow in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We scurried to get warm layers on, packed into the car and went on the hunt for snow.

Where'd my braces go?
How strange!

We found this knoll right on Mountain Charlie Road.
How could we not stop on my namesake's knoll?

Other moms had the same idea I had for their toddlers.
One lady brought out a grass mat for her kids to use as a sled, which encouraged another to get some big plastic bags from her car for the rest of the kids to use as sleds.

This one little boy was whining and pouty most of the time we were there. I told Cricket tht maybe she should go see him and try to make him feel better (I'm trying to instill some sort of compassion in her). She walked over to him and I said "why don't you give him a hug?" And she hugged him and he pushed her off and cried louder.
Okay, bad idea. I admit it.
But all the other moms and I praised her for being nice. So I guess it counts for something.

Baby C wanted to 'bag it' so I let her.
And then there was crying.
And then we left to get hot chocolate.


ro said...

Looks like a good way to get out of the house. You guys are so lucky to have the mountain/beach options. It has been cold as ice here for almost 2 weeks, and it is turning into cabin fever with the kiddo. Good times in Santa Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait till I see my wonderful little pumpkins. Hang on Thayers, I'm coming!!! Mom