Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Tuesday

I had totally forgotten today was Tuesday until just now!

And I also just realized that I hadn't taken any photos.

So just now I snuck into their rooms and took photos of them sleeping! :)

Note that the blankies are very near each of their faces!

And these are Kevin's other babies. He's so very proud, he even took their portraits.
(We've waited 3 years for cherries to grow on our tree, and finally the bees did us a favor.)


Mama Bree said...

nice! when can we come to pick some of the cherries? ;-)

I love the way kids look when they are totally passed out, arms super relaxed at their sides (or in my son's case, near his ears/head). too darn cute!! :)

ro said...

2 of my favorite things...sleeping babies and cherries!

Samantha P.M. said...

YAY! Cherries!! CONGRATS to you and Kevino!